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Pointer Beach

1980, acrylic on canvas, 40.5” h x 49” w, $3,475

James Tucker

James (1930-2010) painted simple and colorful vignettes with a simple and often cheeky approach.  This collection of paintings  portray the shores along the Ocracoke, North Carolina shore, which were an important part of James's life.

James served as the full-time curator at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Weatherspoon Art Museum from 1959 to 1985 and taught at the university while pursuing a full-time career as an artist.  He was brought-on by Gregory Ivy, the founder of UNCG’s art department and founder of the Weatherspoon Art Museum.  Throughout the 1960’s & ‘70’s, James exhibited his work and won numerous awards.  The Weaver Foundation noted that “his curatorial work greatly contributed to the Weatherspoon Art Museum’s reputation as one of the leading contemporary art in the Southeast.” 

The paintings were acquired from the artist’s estate and studio in North Carolina.

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