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Jenn Houle

Drawing from a deep admiration and respect for the cycles within our environment and complexities of survival, Jenn’s work focuses on trophic levels in nature.  Ecological imbalances, such as threatened and endangered species are highlighted and brought to large-scale as a means of to draw attention to selected themes.  In Pack of Wolves, Jenn created a mobile installation of hundreds of small animals, each painted on vellum and cut-out in the shape of the individual species that a wolf consumes. And in Bug Bear,  this massive watercolor  explores the Law of Conservation of Energy, the fact that energy cannot be recreated or destroyed. In this piece, Jenn imaged that upon the death of an organism, the particles reorganize to form different species. The bear is becoming bugs, or all the bugs are forming to become a bear. The piece has an accompanying “Bug Bear Identification Guide" which is a drawing and a printed list that identifies all 139 insects in the "Bug Bear" painting.  

Jenn received her MFA from Cornell University & her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, where she graduated with distinction.  She lives in Concord, Massachusetts adjacent to a nature preserve, where she continues to observe wildlife, drawing inspiration for her work.

Pack of Wolves Gallery Installation

2012, ink on vellum animal cut-out collages, 4’ h x 6’ w (wolfsize)

Large Scale Artwork