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No Way Home

2010, oil on canvas, 60” h x 72” w, SOLD

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Fine Art Highland Park, Texas

Margaret Glew

Using a personal language of form and gesture, Margaret paints intuitive, layered abstracts that are metaphors for an emotional landscape.  Scribbles and what seem like naïve shapes are part of a vernacular that is pulsing with energy made from Margaret’s passage to make something personal and tangible out of a purely intuitive process.  She admits, “Clarity is elusive, as if I am circling around a truth that I can never quite reach. If it resides anywhere, it is in the visceral, in the muck and mess and ordinariness of daily work. Progress, if it happens, is by slow circles, a kind of spiraling journey towards an unknown destination.”

Margaret has painted for over twenty-five years and exhibits widely across Canada.  She lives and maintains a full-time studio practice in Toronto.