Ryan Cobourn

Large-scale paintings on canvas and smaller works on paper. Vibrant colors.  Nature.  Again, color.  There is an almost visceral lushness in Ryan's art that reflects his desire for color, energy, and light.  On the surface, his works are about nature, but digging a little bit deeper, they also record personal events in his life. Viewing the paint as a filter where "the abstraction is layers of a veiling on top."  Ryan conveys, "I want people to see the painting first, but I need to have a reason to make it.  It might be a very personal event, and it might be a talk on a classical myth.  It is where the painting has a kind of response for me."  And what you extract from his piece is like a slow read.  His process, too, begins this way.  Slowly. Deliberately.  Ryan gradually builds up forms. Eventually, the forms start crashing into each other.  And from a very gradual beginning, the paintings, ironically, themselves often become hectic.  Ryan says that the big gestures are an accumulation of the tinier gestures.  This creates a shift of sorts in his work.

Recent themes within nature include trees, lakes, and flowers. Each images taking on a experience and journey of its own.  It's hard to look at Ryan's work without stopping to enjoy it for awhile.   They create frozen moments in time.  A feeling that connects us with the past and the future, our own experiences mingling with Ryan's and with nature as it has always been.  It's a connection, a gift, and a visual delight to record, create, and give the viewer a combination of joy, light, love, serentiy, and excitement all wrapped into a single images that is alluring and interesting.

Ryan has shown from the Pii Gallery in Philadelphia, Philadeliphia to the Agittato in Geneva, Switzerland.  In 2009, the Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation awarded him a grant for his curatorial effort, "Twenty-Five Painters Under Thirty-Five."  He is also recipient os a Pollock-Kasner Foundation grant.  Ryan received his BFA from the University of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his MFA from Indiana University.  He lives in Brooklyn.

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Zuma 2

2015, oil on canvas, 78” h x 72” w, ​$11,000

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