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If They Can Push Rain Under Their Feet

2015, oil on canvas, 60”h x 96” w, $4,850

Modern Art Fort Worth, Texas

Stephen Battle

Stephen's works chronicle growth, change and the inter- connected relationships within nature.  Forms of evolution, destruction, conflict, resolution and rebirth are all themes juxtaposed in his work and layered on the canvas like layers of his paint.  Using powerful brushstroke, bold colors, and a combination of both tight and loose brushstrokes, numerous components of the composition of his works compete like events in nature that he records, creating a visually exciting record of these natural processes.  “What I refer to as abstracted growth events are, on the canvas, like packets of visual information”.  It is the overlap of the natural process and human behavior that is interest to Stephen, where art can serve as a reminder of the spontaneous and often unpredictable process of “countering our daily aspirations to construct a façade of control and linear progression”.  

Stephen received his MFA in painting from Texas Christian University, graduating Summa Cum Laude and his BA from Texas A & M University in Anthropology, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Stephen resides in Fort Worth, where he continues to produce paintings, drawing, sculpture, and photography.